Photo cred John Trang 


On May 2nd my first children's book 'Hey Boy' hit shelves everywhere! 

a bio not by me

I love gifts I hate giving. This year, all I want for christmas is someone to organize my mess the cords and wires in my house. Last year, I wanted someone to write my bio.

Thank you Barry Martin (my boss at Hypenotic) for my bio, originally written for an RFP:


Jennifer was made for user experience (UX) design. She’s:

Empathetic: Critical for research and a role that requires advocating for the end-user/reader throughout.
Patient: Willing to try, fail, learn, rinse, repeat–ad infinitum. She’s a painter/illustrator and dancer by night, so seeing things develop through stages and being willing to detour is second nature to her.
Egoless: Wide open to feedback and unafraid to share her ideas. We learn every day on every project and Jen is beyond curious, she’s enthusiastic about it. 

We’ve experimented with know-it-alls, uptight types, and prima-donnas. It starts out okay, but it never ends well. 
This is who you want to be sharing your hopes, dreams and passions with over tea.