JENNIFER PHELAN is fulfilling her childhood dream of creating children’s books. Her first book, Hey, Boy , by Benjamin Strouse, was published by Simon & Schuster. Other childhood dreams include becoming Leonardo da Vinci, an archaeologist, and a dancer. Jennifer waltzes in Toronto, where she lives with her artist husband, Gleb.


May 2017Release of 'Hey Boy'. Debut children's book written by Benjamin Strouse, illustrated by Jennifer Phelan.

June 2017: 'Hey, Boy' reviewed by the NY Times Book Review as part of a theme around loss in children's lit. "All of the stories dip a pinkie toe into the emotional pool of loss without being morose or preachy. It’s not easy territory, but we have skillful book creators to help our younger kids explore it with imagination, humor and hope."

Fall 2018: Children's book adaptation of The Log Drivers Waltz. Illustrated by Jennifer Phelan, words by Wade Hemsworth. Published by Simon & Schuster Canada.